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Created with love to help you understand, stay consistent, and scale up your social media presence.

Twoogle was founded in 2019 by our founder, who is passionate about solving everyday challenges. As a Project Manager in a leading Telco, Paul struggled with combining his day job with posting consistently on social media. He was gradually building an audience, but his lack of consistency did not help his growing Twitter audience.

Inspired by his challenge to keep his job as a Project Manager and manage his Twitter account, where he’s most active, he started to find the right platform to combine his love for social media and still be a Project Manager. It was exhausting. Some scheduling apps didn’t post to the social media platforms he was most active on.

Paul’s extensive experience in Project Management made it easier to think of a product that works for people who faced the same challenge he was facing, and the idea behind Twoogle was conceived.

Twoogle was made initially to be a Twitter scheduling app. Still, it has grown to become a product designed to help individuals and brands scale up their social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. It does this by assisting them in creating and scheduling content, analyzing their posts’ performance, monitoring trends, and leveraging trends to promote brands and products.

As an experienced Product Manager who understands the challenges the digital age faces, Twoogle contributes to allow businesses to get creative, create a dedicated audience, and profit from social media.

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